Export Procedure
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Registration of Firm/Company/Industry
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Current account with a commercial bank.

Export Products

Woolen Carpets
The hand knotted woolen carpets has occupied the top position in the country's export items. The carpet industry is one of the largest employment generating industries of Nepal. The hand knotted woolen carpet had due recognization in the international market because of it's unique qualities like texture, color combination, resiliency property, strength and durability. The carpets are made from refined pure wool which are available both in vegetable dyes and chemical dyes. Germany, USA, Australia, Netherlands, U.K, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Korea Russia are the major export markets for Nepalese carpets.

Readymade Garments
Readymade garments sector has grown to be the second largest export item in terms of foreign exchange earning and also contributing employment opportunities to large section of communities. The readymade garments ranging from the loom fabrics to mill fabrics are made & exported as per buyers order no matter whether they are traditional or fashion wears. Shirts, Skirts, trousers, shorts, quilted jackets waistcoats etc made from cotton and rayon are the main categories exported from Nepal.

Pashmina products
Pashmina products have been emerged as Nepal's third largest overseas export product after hand knotted woolen carpets & readymade garments. Pashmina is the inner-coat of the hair of mountain goat. It is obtained by combining the natural hair of the goat. The quality of Pashmina is determined by its softness, lightness, fineness, warmness and long-lasting properties as well as craftsmanship. The main export products made from Pashmina are shawls, stoles, mufflers, scarves, blankets & readymade garments. These products are available of any color as per the consumer's choice in respective of synthetic or natural dyes. United Stated of America is the largest overseas importer of Nepalese Pashmina goods.

Nepalese handicrafts have been known all over the world for its rich art, crafts and oriental architecture for centuries. Each and every piece of Nepalese handicrafts is unique in it and reflects the art and skill of the craftsmanship. It is cottage scale and home based industry where traditional techniques and skill has been handed over from generation to generation. The Nepalese Handicrafts includes gold plated, bronze and brass art icons, filigree articles, household utensils, handmade paper and paper products, paintings and thankas, wood carvings and baskery works potteries, jewelleries, masks etc.

Silver Jewelries
Silver jewellery is another prominent export item of Nepal. Jewellery of Nepal are made mostly by hands or skilled craftsman reflecting the traditional arts and culture of Nepal. Unique sets are varieties of earrings, necklace, bracelets, pendants, payels, kalli, phuli etc. are popular items of Nepalese jewellery that are made of silver.

Nepalese Paper & Paper Products
The Nepalese paper and paper products are very famous in the overseas market. The Nepalese paper is made from Lokta or Dayshing plants. The unique feature of Nepalese paper is its moth resistance quality. Besides Nepalese paper, varieties of products made from it like postcards, writing pads and papers, wood block prints, calendars, gift wrap, lampshades, official laser printing paper etc are exported from Nepal.

Felt Items
Felt is unwoven wool/other fibers, bounded together through the use of moisture, heat, soap and friction or pressure without spinning, weaving or knitting. Felt is very versatile and requires only a minimum of equipment. Nepalese felt is handmade with sheep wool. Traditionally felt was used to make rugs to insulate homes from cold and has been made in Nepal since centuries in the remote Himalayan villages. As a natural material, 100% wool felt, it allows air to circulate, and therefore is pleasant to wear. It is an excellent insulator, and is a very efficient sound-proofing material. It can also easily be molded into new forms, and when it is dry it retains its shape.

Crazy Hats
Crazy Hats are used for the purpose of pleasure & fun. It is also known as funny hats or happy hats. These hats are used in different occasions like Big Games, Farewell Parties etc. by the cheerleaders. Crazy hats are made up of cotton velvet and foam. We have our own 200 designs of crazy hats and also we accept the designs provided by the customers too. We guarantee the quality and the service for the varieties products at a reasonable price

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