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It was established in 1990 AD with a sole aim of exporting Nepalese Handicraft Goods to the different part of world.
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Magic Crafts

These beautifully engraved products are made up of resin substance. The prominent items reflected in this category are the statues of Buddha, Great lamas, hermits, Hindu gods and goddess, nymphs, erotic figures, animals and several other fascinating figures.

In addition, we've also displayed the beautiful singing bowls mainly consist of five metallic elements: bronze, brass, copper, aluminum and white metal. With the combination of these unique metallic forces can produce a miraculous enchanting sound creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Upon purchasing these wonderful treasures of our creative art will always make you feel of a profound honor on the greatest artists from this land of the Himalayas.








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Woolen Carpets, Readymade Garments, Pashmina products, Handicrafts, Silver jewellery, Nepalese Paper & Paper Products, Felt Items, Crazy Hats....

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Articles of Archaeological & Religious Importance, Conserved Wildlife & Related Articles, Industrial Raw Materials, Products injurious to health....

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